WIN A ONEWHEEL PINT - Each Entry Gets the Same Entry Value Off a 5 Day+ Rental

£4.99 £24.95

Onewheels cost a bomb, however with our new incentive we're making ownership a heck of a lot closer to reality! Simply enter the competition and answer when your name is drawn.

In what country is the Onewheel developed and manufactured?

A) France


C) South Africa

Entries cost £4.99 or will be included with every rental of 5 days or more.

To increase your chances of winning we've given customers the opportunity to buy 5 entries at a time with a savings of £14.96. 

For those who haven't hired just yet, the amount you spend on your Pint competition entry will be deducted from your rental in the year 2020/21 (Maximum of £9.99 will be deducted)

Entries can be bought from 00:01 on the 10th of July 2020. On the 300th order we'll make the draw and announce the winner on the Stufff website.