Onewheel Coastal Adventure

One significant benefit of living in a small country is... we're surrounded by water, and water means beaches!

Take a moment and think back to the last time you went for a walk down the beach promenade with the family. Let me guess, you're either holding nana from falling, or negotiating a number of bags of seaside kitsch. But every now and then you get to push a scooter that your child no longer wants to ride because they've fallen and grazed and elbow or a knee... but for a moment you think to yourself, hmm I'll have a dabble on this! You offload Nana, ditch the kitsch, mount your stallion and your away... looking like an elephant riding a matchbox dinky car, but you cant ignore it, you feel amazing! Then reality hits, the harsh ride that drills through your hands like a work mans jackhammer. If you're really lucky, you're then able to hand the bone rattler back without it being too warped, stating, nahhh it was always that shape.

Now lets take a different approach, lets imagine for a moment you're on that same beach with a Onewheel, crusing with the scooters, carving the smooth curved sea wall and coasting over concrete, sand and grass. The ride is smooth, you feel at one with nature, your board, but more importantly you're enjoying life with your family.

Now lets face it, the Onewheel is super cool, and you may get the attention of everyone that you ride past, but that's the downside of having a dream machine beneath your feet. Let's look on the positive side you'll love it!

If you're wanting a piece of the action without owning a Onewheel, or trying before you buy, we've got your back. Renting is an extremely cost effective way of having the experience at a fraction of the price. At Stufff we deliver to your door and you simply send it back at the end of your hire period. The hourly hire cost is insignificant compared to your normal seaside rentals, it just makes sense.

It's that simple, to explore further take a look at the Onewheel hire page.

Until then happy scootering;)

Here at Stufff we're all about sharing those experiences with you, feel free to post them on our social media channels, and we'll definitely share, and hey, you might even get a mention on the Stufff website.

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